Cart Infralog Limited

The Beginning

CART Infralog has its parentage from the Arya Group. On 22nd November 1960, Mr D.N. Arya the founder and the present Chairman, started the Economic Transport Organization (ETO) for a foothold in the logistics industry. Just within a year ETO bought their first warehouse and started opening up offices in other cities as well.

With progressing years, ETO began transporting cargo and providing logistical support to various locations in India. Subsequently, Mr D.N. Arya was joined by his son, Mr. Sanjay Arya.

Birth of Central Arya Road Transport (CART)

The need of specialized logistics and transportation services kept growing. In order to effectively address this issue, the father and son duo formed another company named Central Arya Road Transport (CART). Specializing in bulk handling and transportation, this company started its operations in 1998.

Cart Expands ITS Service Portifolio

In 2001 CART made a major breakthrough with regards to the transportation of mineral and ores. Lack of proper roads was pulling down the process of transportation from Orissa and Jharkhand to Haldia Port. This is when CART came up with its solution of Multimode transportation and also economized the cost of transportation.


Since 2004, CART Infralog entered the industry of infrastructure development with its unit CART Infra. CART Infra’s first project was that of civil construction of Dental College in Haldia.

Birth of CART Air

In 2010, CART Infralog felt the need for quick, exclusive and safe option of travel, where time is minimal and schedules are not compromised. Thus the idea was floated to start helicopter service and CART Air, the helicopter-service division of CART Infralog was formed and started its services in 2011

Thinking Ahead

We, at CART Infralog, are highly optimistic about the resurgent India. We have drawn our investment plan with a view to cater to the immediate as well as futuristic needs of our country, especially in the business areas that we operate. We are confident that our whole hearted professional endeavor will gain success.