Cart Infralog Limited



We at CART Infralog believe that our aviation division CART Air can play a significant role in the developmental process of a resurgent Bengal. CART Air offers a bouquet of aircraft services to its customers. The details of CART Air’s offerings are listed below:

Joy Rides

CART Air, for the first time ever, offers you to experience the breathtaking beauty of Kolkata from the skies. Our Helicopter rides over the City of Joy has become an instant hit! Helicopter rides were available only in world-class cities like Las Vegas, Sydney etc. But now CART Air brings this service to Kolkata. Our joyrides are available throughout the week and our aim is to offer this experience to maximum people of Kolkata.

Passenger Movement

Our scheduled flights carry passengers to various locations across West Bengal. We are in the process of connecting more locations to our flight-route. Travelling with Cart Air is an experience to be treasured. We provide you with safe and secure journey on time, every time.

Charter Booking

We know that your travel demands are constantly changing. That’s why we offer flexible access to our choppers. Once we learn of your travel plans, we will plan and manage every aspect of your trip. With our charter service, you can be in three cities on the same day and get back home in time for dinner.

Corporate Group Charter

Today’s businessmen understand better than anyone else that time is money. CEOs and other senior executives want more productive hours everyday in their full-up schedules. It is time to think Cart Air. We aim to give corporates the power of productive schedules. Chartering a private chopper enables the saving of considerable time and cost while ensuring privacy and highest safety.

Disaster management

We provide the fastest and the most efficient method of Emergency Evacuation and also provide food and other help required during times of natural calamities / landslides / earth quakes etc.

Air Ambulance

Cart Air aero medical service intends to provide air ambulance services and advanced medical critical care to the patients resulting from trauma, mass disasters, and various advanced medical problems on an emergency basis. We have tie-ups with various hospitals, who inform us the location from where a patient has to be picked up. The hospitals provide the necessary equipment and service personnel. We can also arrange for the same for you, provided we get a notice of 24 hours.

Holy Pilgrimages

Gangasagar pilgrimage and fair is the second largest congregation of mankind after the holy Kumbha Mela. We provide packaged pilgimmage tours to Sagar islands. You can avail of Gangasagar service for all the days.

VIP Transportation

Cartair offers you its helicopters for special purposes like Election Campaigning, VIP Transport, Election Logistics, etc.


Birthday, Anniversary or any special occasion, celebrate it in the most unique way ever – In Air!!

Flower dropping / showering

Cartair offers you the unique opportunity to do aerial flower or pamphlet dropping (showering), be it a religious yatra, wedding, festive occasion or for advertisement.

Aerial Photography / Survey

Aerial photography and filming from helicopters requires a good understanding from both pilot and photographer to gain the best aerial images. Our helicopters can provide a stable aerial photography platform for almost any requirement. Our helicopters provide a selection of aerial surveillance and inspection services to meet the needs of all major utilities networks such as tea estates, power grids etc.

Tours & Specials

Our helicopter tours make great additions to any vacation package. We offer several different aerial tours and tour packages as well as seasonal specials. We ensure that you are thoroughly pampered, and your safety is paramount to us.