Cart Infralog Limited

From The Chairman

Let me begin with two words: THANK YOU!

We are on the threshold of a momentous journey towards a great future with CART Infralog Limited. How big or how great one’s vision is, can only be determined by the success and results achieved, by an organization and its people or else it remains just a dream or figment of ones imagination. Yes, from a mere trucking Company, we have taken a giant leap to the Integrated Logistics arena as well as infrastructure development. Introduction of helicopter services has added another feather to our cap. CART Infralog has now embarked on a sustained growth path.

The global economy has only partially recovered from the financial crisis of the previous year. The debt crisis in Europe has resulted in spending cuts in many European countries. However, on account of good macro economic management, for India and rest of Asia, the year has brought good opportunity for economic growth. CART Infra with its high quality portfolio of assets, well defined corporate strategy, strength of functional organization, and strong balance sheet will be able to exploit these growth opportunities.

We spend considerable capital towards upgrading Fleet, Technology, Warehouses and Offices, in almost all locations countrywide to equip smooth functioning for our business. The up-gradation not only adds to our customers’ advantage, but will also lend us an edge over competition.

I would like to add; that the future belongs to the organization that can induct, build and retain talents at all levels, with a high degree of flexibility, towards organizational advantage. Consistent performance and focus at all levels can only help an organization to reach newer milestones. We truly believe that right people can turn a work place into a great institution, equally for its customers, employees and shareholders. The greatest asset of CART Infralog is its employees.

We look forward for our Customers, Employees and Shareholders support for a collective growth in all our Asset Classes; just as we have seen ourselves grow together over the past years.

Thank you once again for your warm-hearted support.